Friday, May 16, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

I enjoyed a very blessed and wonderful Mother's Day this year. It was a little bittersweet since this will be my last one as a Mommy of one! We started the day at church, and there was a wonderful sermon about parenting that was really good to hear. We then headed to the Officers Club to have brunch with Sam and Nolan. They had quite the spread this year, complete with a chocolate fountain...yum!! After brunch we went to the mall and I got a little bit of shopping in while Andrew took Abby for a ride on the carousel. I got a maternity dress for the wedding we are going in a few days. After that we came home and enjoyed the rest of the day hanging out as a family. Abby played in the yard and in the pool and helped Andrew plant some grass. That evening Andrew cooked up some yummy steaks! It was a great Mothers Day and I am blessed to have such a wonderful family!

Abby and I at brunch

Making silly faces

Aww, can you feel the love?

The Mommies. I am not thrilled with the picture but I will blame it on the wind!

Family pic, nice hair huh? I guess that is one of the advantages of shaving your head, you don't have to worry about what your hair looks like!

This is the art that Abby made for me for Mother's Day, I LOVE it!!!

Andrew told me to pick out a new diaper bag for Mothers Day and I am having a hard time deciding! This is my favorite so far, what do you all think?


Sam and Brian said...

I love the diaper bag, it's gorgeous!!! Thanks for inviting us to share Mom's day with you, we had lots of fun!

Jonathan, Amy & Gabriel said...

Wow! Super nice diaper bag!! And I think you look fantastic!! Are you sure your pregnant? I'm glad you had a wonderful Mother's day - you have a beautiful family.

Kendalls said...

Loving the bag and the crazy hair! Glad you had such a nice day!

momto2boys said...

Love the pics!! Glad that you had a nice day...super cute diaper bag!!!

Anonymous said...

love it,

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