Monday, May 19, 2008

The Great Outdoors

This past Saturday our friend Meg invited us over for a bonfire. She has a house right on the river and tons of land. When she mentioned we could go fishing in the river Abby was sold! The first thing Abby asked me on Saturday morning was if I went and bought her a fishing pole yet. Well, I hadn't so we headed to the store to find the perfect fishing pole, and of course it was pink! That afternoon we headed to Meg's house and immediately went fishing upon Abby's request. She did really well for her first time. She was very interested in what was in her tackle box, she helped cast, and she loved to reel in the line! We only had one bite, the fish were more interested in eating the bread Abby was throwing in the water than nibbling on kielbasa. That night when it got a little bit darker we headed outside to sit by the fire. Abby enjoyed helping Andrew gather wood and kindling for the fire, and she enjoyed roasting marshmallows, but her attention span outside in the dark didn't last for too long. We prolonged it a bit by giving her a flashlight to play with, but soon after it was time to head home. We had a great time and Abby and Daddy are looking forward to their next fishing adventure....maybe next time they will catch a little something ;)

I just love the lip sticking out in this picture.

Mmmm, s'mores, yummy!


Kim and Matt said...

What a cute little fishing pole!! Avery would be jealous. :)

Susan said...

Well, looks like we will have to add fishing at Devils Lake and s'mores to our itinerary when you are here! Can't wait!!!! Grammy

Jonathan, Amy & Gabriel said...

She looks like a minnie you with pink rather than grey!! Very cute pics!

Sam and Brian said...

I love the pics of you and Abby, adorable and you look fantastic!!

Kendalls said...

What fun! I can only imagine her face one day when she pulls in a fish!

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