Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lots of Hockey!--and a Haircut!

The weekend before Christmas we went to Michigan for a multipurpose trip.  We were able to celebrate Christmas with Andrew's family and we were also able to see my mom and the twins because Mikey had a hockey tournament in Detroit.  While we didn't see much of Mikey face to face we were able to watch him play hockey and I must say, he is amazingly talented!  We had so much fun going to the ice arenas all bundled up to cheer on him and his team and we made pigs of ourselves snacking between each period.  Ana and my mom loved spending time with the kids and they sure enjoyed seeing them too, its been far too long.

We all stayed at Josh and Laura's house and Andrew's parents met us there too.  Josh and Peter cooked some very yummy meals and we had lots of fun sitting around chatting and catching up.  We also exchanged presents with Andrew's family.  Its so much fun to see the kids playing with their cousin Tyler, and we are excited to meet another cousin in March.  -- I didn't get any pictures of the present opening :-(

Andrew and I are beyond blessed that our families get along so well.  Its always fun when we can all get together and that is truly what the holidays are all about!

Sharing a "Baffo" with Daddy


So tired.
Olivia and Aunt Ana sleeping in the car

Gram-cracker and William

Gram-cracker and Abby

The girls with Aunt Ana and Uncle Mikey!

Olivia was NOT pleased with Daddy's choice for where to pose for pictures!

 My Brother and Sister!

William also received his first haircut!  
It was getting so long and crazy, so we asked Grammy Susan to get out the 
scissors and try to make him a bit more presentable!

 Normally I wouldn't include such a wonderful shot of myself but I find it hilarious
and it was hard to think that this is the last of my babies having their first haircut!

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