Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ana, Gingerbread Houses & the Stomach Flu

So, after our trip to Michigan my sister Ana came some with us to Ohio for a week.  It was so nice having her here (she should move in).  It was fun sharing the days with her and the girls were giddy having Ana all to themselves!  We didn't do anything to extraordinary, a little shopping, some lunch outings and lots of spending time together.  We did venture out one night to a friend's gingerbread house making party.  It was a fun party.  We had a potluck and everyone brought some candy to decorate the houses with.  The kids ran amuck with too much sugar and the adults were able to visit in between helping with the gingerbread houses and monitoring sugar intake!  The one thing we did not bargain for was getting the stomach flu.  It started hitting some of the friends that went to the gingerbread making party and not too long after we got it too.  It was highly contagious and people from the party were dropping like flies.  Several people from each family got.  I was just thankful it was out of our house in time for Ana to fly home and before Christmas!

The Christmas tree at The Greene

Making gingerbread houses

Olivia and her buddy Ella at the party

Dads and babies

Some of the completed masterpieces

Josie and William.
They are only about 17 days apart.

The babies:
Josie, Luke and William

 Ana and the girls cuddling

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