Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Jolly Guy in Red

This year we went to Chick-fil-a for breakfast with Santa.  It was much better than the one we went to at the club on base last year.  The food was better, the service was better, it was closer, and there was not an hour long wait to see Santa.  In fact, we didn't have to wait at all to see Santa.   We got a picture with each kid with Santa that they printed out while we ate and they had crafts for the kids as well! All the kids sat on Santa's lap and the girls told Santa what they wanted for Christmas.  It was such a well organized event, we will definitely be going again next year!

William with Santa

The kiddos and the guy in red.
I love that William is looking at Santa, like "what is this guy's deal?"

Yay! They are all kind of looking at the rare is that?!?

My Big girl!  She asked for bike and a locket

Olivia was brave this year and sat with Santa and told him 
she wanted a "rockin' baby" for Christmas

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