Monday, January 31, 2011

A Visit from the Tooth Fairy

Sometime late in the night of Jan. 18th or early in the morning of Jan. 19th Abigail lost her first tooth!!  Before bed that night while Abby was brushing her teeth she showed me her tooth that had been loose for a couple of weeks was now just hanging on by a thread.  If I had been a little braver I probably could have pulled it out myself that night but I decided to let nature takes its course.  When I was talking to Andrew about it after the girls had gone to bed he informed me I probably should have taken action because he thought Abby would probably swallow it in her sleep.  Well, the next morning Abby came downstairs and after about 5 minutes she shrieked, "My tooth is gone!"  Then she got really upset because she didn't know where it was.  I assured her that if she swallowed it or it was lost it would be ok because we would just write the tooth fairy a letter explaining what happened and she would still come to the house.   After a little reassurance Abby and Andrew went up to Abby's room to look for her tooth and lo and behold they found the tiny little tooth in her bed!  She was very excited, in fact she was so excited she insisted on bringing it to school that day to show all of her friends and teachers!  She was the first kid in her class to loose a tooth!  She put the tooth and a drawing she made under her pillow that night and woke up to find a dollar bill in its place the next morning!  

Yay!  We found the tooth!!

Look how tiny it is!

Where once there was a tooth, now there is a hole!

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