Monday, January 31, 2011

January's Random Ramblings

Having a new baby in the house has sparked many interesting conversations and comments from the girls, as well as sweet moments that I will cherish forever!!


  • Abby is smitten with her little brother, but she is quick to tell me that he is hungry and I need to feed him whenever she hears him cry!
  • Abby has been so sweet since we have been home from the hospital and very helpful.  I often find myself feeding William right around the time Olivia needs to go down for a nap and Abby has graciously offered to put her down for her nap for me.  I was a bit skeptical at first but they both seem to love the idea and Olivia goes right to sleep.  Somedays the monitor is on and I can hear Abby singing to her, its the sweetest thing ever!!!
  • While Andrew was still on paternity leave and Susan was still here, they went out to the store together leaving me at home with all 3 kids for the first time by myself.  Olivia was napping, William was eating and Abby was doing a craft.  About 10 minutes after Andrew and Susan left, Abby came over to check on me and William and asked if there was anything I needed.  It was so sweet, she is such a thoughtful little girl!!


  • I am breastfeeding William which means that I have a lot of "down" time where I am not able to help the girls with stuff.  They have been very good about it but have taken a real interest in the whole breastfeeding thing.  Olivia will often say, "Is he eating your boobies AGAIN?!?!?"
  • William is also known as baby brudder.
  • I am constantly telling Olivia to be gentle with William.  She is fascinated by him and always wants to know where he is and what he is doing.  She wants to hold him all the time and help out any way she can.  I know she isnt trying to be rough with him but like I said, I am always reminding her to be gentle.  One day she looked at me after I said that and said, "I'm not going to break him!"
  • I often find Olivia standing over William saying, "wake up sleepy head!"
  • Olivia wants to know "where is that baby?!?"
  • Olivia calls Abby "my Abby."
  • She has started calling Peter, Grampa Peep.
  • Abby recently found one of our wedding albums and both girls love looking at the pictures.  Olivia points to the pictures of me and wistfully says, "Mommy, you a prinpess!"

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