Friday, December 31, 2010

December's Random Ramblings

  • Andrew and the girls were looking at the American Girl Doll catalog one night and Abby said, "look she has a whiskey."  She was pointing to the girl's dog which was a Husky!
  • Abby is constantly asking what time it is.  I don't know what her obsession is, I guess maybe she has a hot date I don't know about!
  • I took the girls to story time today at Barnes and Noble and as we were leaving there was a table set up of volunteers wrapping presents. Olivia walked right up to them lifted her shirt, grabbed her chest, and yelled "boobies" at the top of her lungs!!! Such a little lady I've got! :-)
  • Olivia likes to "talk" on her phone.  She is often heard chatting with Michael Jackson!
  • Olivia calls the dust-buster the dust-monster.
  • Olivia calls Santa "ho-ho"
  • When Olivia wants to be held she will say, "Mommy/Daddy I wanna hold you."
  • Sometimes when Olivia sees the camera she will say "I'm not gonna smile!"

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