Sunday, December 12, 2010

Andrew turns 30 (+2)

Andrew's birthday happened to fall on Thanksgiving this year,  I guess its good that he enjoys cooking so much since he spent most of the day cooking, eating, watching football, and playing with the girls.  Actually, come to think of it, that doesn't sound like a bad way to spend your 32nd birthday!!  Anyway, I decided to take advantage of the grandparents being around and asked if they would babysit on Friday night so we could go out to dinner and celebrate Andrew's birthday.  It was a nice evening out and we were joined by Andrew's brother Josh and his wife Laura.  We went to a really yummy seafood restaurant in Saline, MI and it was nice to hang out with just adults.  We had some wonderful food, great company and lots of laughs.  Happy Birthday to my sweet hubby!!!

Andrew with is birthday dessert, pumpkin cheesecake!


Ross and Jill's Blog said...

Happy Birthday to Andrew!! glad you got a night out to celebrate

Susan said...


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