Sunday, April 18, 2010

San Diego--Part 2

After spending the day at the San Diego zoo we met up with the guys and then headed out to dinner for really yummy Mexican food.  We had a short wait which was fine because they had free chips and salsa and the girls were doing some modeling to keep us entertained.  Dinner was delicious and it was so nice to sit out on the patio enjoying the weather while we ate.  

Here are some of the "modeling" shots

Dustin and Melissa.  
Dustin is also doing the EWI program and is working for Intel in Portland.  They are such a sweet couple and they were so good with the girls.  They were waiting to hear on their assignment while we were in San Diego and I was secretly hoping they get Wright-Patt, but they got Eglin (which is what they were hoping for, so I am happy for them).

All of us at dinner

I can't believe we are all looking at the camera and SMILING, that never happens!

Our last day in San Diego before leaving for L.A. Melissa, the girls, and I headed to the beach while the guys had their last day of meetings.  I absolutely fell in love with the area and everywhere you looked the views were amazing.  The girls had so much fun playing in the sand and looking for shells.  The water was chilly and we were only brave enough to dip our toes in the ocean.  Sometimes it is better when the water is so cold, then Abby wasn't as tempted to want to play in the water which was easier for me because then I didn't have watch Abby in the water and Olivia in the sand at the same time.

One of the amazing views

Playing in the sand

Searching for shells on the beach did that get in there?

After our morning at the beach it was time to pack up and head up the coast to L.A. but not before having lunch at the Navy Base on Coronado Island.  We picked quite the day for visiting the Naval base, the USS Nimitz returned that day after being deployed for 8 months.  It was cool seeing people walking around the BX (N/EX?) who had just been reunited with their families after being gone for so long.  Some of them were meeting their children for the first time and of course I got a little teary-eyed watching these families interact.

We didn't get a picture of the Nimitz, this is the USS Ronald Regan

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