Tuesday, December 29, 2009


We were at the mall one day and there was no line to see Santa so we took the girls. Unfortunately, they were not dressed for the occasion but Santa didn't seem to mind.  Abby went right up to Santa and told him what she wanted for Christmas with no problem or hesitation.  When she was done chatting with Santa I brought Olivia over for a little Santa time.  I thought she would do ok because up until then she had been seeing Santa everywhere...in books, on ornaments, on decorations and she would always point to him and say "Ho, Ho, Ho".  Well, I thought wrong.  She wanted NOTHING to do with the jolly ol' fat guy in the red suit.  I even gave her a pretzel to try to distract her.  The minute I let go of her she started screaming!  All the people that were near the Santa looked over and sighed then started laughing. I guess we will have to see if she is a little more brave next year!
Abby and Santa

Abby telling Santa that she wanted a Princess and the Frog Doll, Moxie Dolls, and a balance beam

Abby, Santa, and a not-so-happy Olivia


Sam said...

Priceless! That santa chair is awesome, you could get a whole family on there!

Susan said...

Wow! What a great setting for Santa! Too bad Olivia was not so sure!

Jennifer B. said...

Oh poor thing! Jasmine was afraid of Santa this year, too. I wasn't allowed to let her go, so I am in all the pictures with them :).

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