Thursday, December 31, 2009

December's Random Ramblings

  • Abby was sick, throwing up and just miserable.  The next day she was still under the weather but starting to feel better and she informed me she wanted to get ready to go to school.  I explained that since she was sick and had been throwing up, she had to stay home.  She got very upset and was crying and said, "well, you just don't have to tell my teachers I was throwing up and then they won't know!"  I just wish she would remember this when she is 13 and not wanting to go to school!
  • Abby insists chapstick is "chopstick"
  • While I was out running with my mom for the first time Abby told her Grammy Jane that she hopes Gram-cracker can keep up her mommy because she is fast and Gram-cracker is pretty new to this!  Haha, I am NOT a fast runner and my mom has been running for YEARS, but it was very sweet of her!
  • Abby told me when she is a Mommy she isn't going to move around so much.  It was kind of sad to hear her say this, but I hope she will look back at all the moving around as a wonderful opportunity that some people may never have.
  • Abby says "Tabunga Do"  all the time.  I can only think that she is actually saying Cowabunga Dude but she refuses to say it correctly even though I have told her many times.
  • Abby calls Olivia "a bucket of bolts" when she is annoyed with her.


Kendalls said...

they just get better all the time! she is so funny!

Bengela said...

a bucket of bolts...lmao..where does she come up with this stuff?

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