Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March's Random Ramblings

  • We were at Burger King eating lunch and Abby had chocolate milk to drink, she was messing around an ended up spilling her milk all over me. After I received a very genuine apology, she looked down at her lap and said, "well, at least none of it spilled on me!"
  • We were getting ready to go over to Sam and Brian's for dinner when Abby informed me that she wanted to play with Nolan in the dark when we got to his house!
  • Abby had something stuck in her teeth and when she got it out she looked at it and asked me what it was. I was driving so I said I didn't know since I couldn't see it and then she said, "it's ok, it's just part of my brain!" I sure hope not!!
  • I told Abby that Daddy was going out with his friends one night and she said, "But, I'm his friend too!"
  • Abby was talking about making a snowman someday. She told me she was going to need a carrot for the nose and she was also going to make him some "snowy balls".
  • While we were at Disney Abby was constantly singing, "It's a BIG world after all"!
  • Abby likes to be woken up in the morning. She will call "Mommy, come wake me up" from her bed. The she lays down and pretends she is still asleep.


Sam and Brian said...

I love the snowy balls! LOL!

Gramma Kathy said...

OK Cheyna now between you and Sam I will have "It's a BIG world after all" and "He's too sexy for his stash" in my head all day. THANKS !!!!!!!(sarcasm) ;0P

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