Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Disney Day 4

On Day 4 of Disney trip we were joined by Andrew's dad Peter, my mom Nancy and my brother and sister Mikey and Ana. We woke up early and went to Hollywood Studios. I was a bit worried about the logistics of being at an amusement park with such a large group, but things couldn't have worked out better. We all had a great time and we were able to break off and do our own thing as needed, and yes that meant that Andrew and I were able to enjoy some of the scarier rides. Our favorite "big kid" ride was the tower of terror, we rode it a few times. Our favorite family friendly ride was the Toy Story ride, its a 3-D arcade style ride and I believe I got the highest score and that was with Olivia in the front carrier with me! I'm not bragging though ;-)

Grampa Pete with Olivia in the front carrier

Olivia and I watching The Beauty and the Beast live show. Abby was a bit scared of the Beast but she ended up loving, as did Olivia!

Where to next?? Let me check the map.

Grammy Susan, Grampa Pete, Myself and Olivia during our lunch break

Abby met JoJo and Goliath...

...and June and Quincy...

...and Daisy and Minne Mouse...

While we had a good time at Hollywood Studios, it wasn't our favorite park and we in fact ran out of things that we wanted to do there. So....we took advantage of our park hopper pass and took a bus over to Epcot. We enjoyed a few rides, saw a few characters, ate dinner and watched the fireworks. Then, we made the trek home after a long, but very fun day!

Abby outside of Epcot

Grammy, Grampa and Olivia

The bus ride back to Hollywood Studios


Kendalls said...

You guys had lots to do!! Wish I could have been there to see Abby's face with each new adventure!

Sam and Brian said...

Looks like such a blast. That might be my favorite park! I love the pic of Abby in the shark :)

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