Monday, March 16, 2009

Disney Day 2

Our second day at Disney we went to Animal Kingdom. I heard mixed reviews regarding this park, but we ended up really enjoying it. It was a nice break from the hustle and bustle of Magic Kingdom, there were a lot fewer people there and it was a much more "natural" looking park. Don't get me wrong, Magic Kingdom was definitely my favorite but this was a nice change.

We got an early start on the day and it was a bit chilly in the morning but turned out to be a gorgeous day. We went on safari and saw tons of animals, my favorite was the baby elephant. Abby loved the safari and going on "adventures" searching for animals with Daddy through out the park. Her absolute favorite was the dinosaur playground digging exhibit. There was a huge area filled with gravel and dinosaur bones for the kids to uncover. She also enjoyed the parade she got to see with Grammy and Olivia while Mommy and Daddy rode some big kid rides, and of course meeting the characters and having them sign her autograph book.

This was the "tree lady", it was really cool.

Here she is blending in with the background. It was fun to watch her and see peoples reactions to her when they didn't know she was there.

Abby in the bamboo

Grammy and Abby on the triceratops dino ride

The Dinosaur Playground

Daddy enjoyed the slides too!

Abby digging for dinosaur bones

Abby, Olivia and Susan before the "Grammy adventure"



Who's missing??


Safari Minnie

Donald Duck

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Sam and Brian said...

Wow, you saw lots more characters than we did at Animal Kingdom!! How fun!

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