Thursday, August 28, 2008

Steamboat Springs

The main purpose for our trip to Colorado was to so that we could go to my friend Kristi's wedding which was up in Steamboat Springs. I was actually a bridesmaid in the wedding which was an honor! Andrew and I left Abby at home with Grammy and Papi and headed up to the mountains at about 9am. We thought that would give us plenty of time to make the 3 hour drive, check into the hotel, and get settled before the rehearsal which was at 3pm. Boy, were we wrong. We made good time to the Eisenhower tunnel and that's when things got a bit hairy. It was snowing and cold and right before we got to the tunnel traffic on I-70 came to a dead stop. We were stopped for about an hour before we started moving again only to find out that we had been re-routed. We had to turn around and we were diverted to Loveland pass. Traffic wasn't any better on the pass and we were not making good time. At this point I called Kristi to let her know what was going on and that we would try to make it in time, but things weren't looking good. Unfortunately I was right, with all the traffic and bad weather we didn't make it to Steamboat till 4pm, so I missed the rehearsal. (Note to others, don't ask me to be in your wedding....I don't make a very good bridesmaid.) We checked into our hotel room, freshened up a bit and went downtown to meet up with Kristi and the other for the rehearsal dinner. Kristi was so understanding and not a crazy bride at all which was a relief because I felt awful. The rehearsal dinner was a lot of fun and it was great to finally see Kristi again, it had been a long time!! The next day before the wedding Andrew and I did a little shopping in the downtown area and then headed Fish Creek Falls for a short hike to check out the beautiful waterfall. I had never been to Steamboat Springs before even though I had lived in Colorado for over 20 years and its definitely a town I would like to go back to visit again!

The view from our car as we were stopped on I-70 right outside the tunnel. It turns out there was a 10 car pile-up inside the tunnel!

The top of Loveland Pass at the Continental Divide

Kristi and me at the rehearsal dinner

Andrew and me at the rehearsal dinner

Hanging out with Ben Franklin in downtown Steamboat.
Andrew and I at the beginning of our little hike to Fish Creek Falls. I should mention that it was pretty steep and I was wearing flip-flops....not smart when you are 2 months pregnant!!

A picture of the falls

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you look beautiful, preggo mama!

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