Friday, August 08, 2008

Ben and Angela's Condo Warming

Last weekend we headed down toward Ft. Walton Beach for a condo warming party. Angela is a new addition to Andrew's office and he is her sponsor. Her husband Ben is also Air Force and they were both stationed with Sam and Brian at F.E. Warren in Cheyenne, what a small Air Force. Anyway, they are living it up while they are here in Florida. They have a beautiful condo right on the water with spectacular views. They put on a great a party and were wonderful hosts' providing yummy food and good drinks! Hopefully next time we go over we can hit up their gorgeous pool :)

P.S.--I stole the majority of these pictures from Sam, thanks!!!

Our gracious hosts, Ben and Angela

The spectacular view from their balcony

Abby enjoying some juicy watermelon out on the patio

A few of the kiddos watching a movie. Well, the girls are watching a movie, Nolan seems more interested in the pretty ladies he is hanging with!

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"Bengela" said...

come on over anytime!!!

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