Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Abby's Colorado Playmate

Our friends that live in Colorado, Jen and Rob, have a little boy named Trevor who is a few months younger than Abby. The 2 of them play really well together and we try to see them every time we are in Colorado. Its not too hard because they live just a minute away from my dad's house. Abby loves going to Trevor's house because its like her own personal toy store there! They have so many toys to play with there she is entertained for hours! I love seeing Trevor and seeing how much he has grown since the last time we visited. Hopefully someday (sooner, rather than later) we will live closer and the kiddos will be able to play together on a more regular basis. Until then, we will have to watch each other's kids grow up via the blog :)

Abby and Trevor playing outside and having a snack
I think I have this exact picture from the last time we were home. Those two LOVE to play in the dog kennel!!

On a dinner date at Old Chicago, they even shared and entree!


Jonathan, Amy & Gabriel said...

Okay...I LOVE the little princess outfit she is wearing!! Awesome!

Bengela said...

uh oh...don't tell Nolan that she's seeing someone on the side ;)

Jen Coppock said...

Oh we miss you guys! When Trev plays in the cars I ask "Where are you going?" and he says "I see Abby!"

These are too cute! We hope you guys are here someday too!

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