Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Visitors from across the pond

We were lucky enough to have a brief visit with Becca and Wes while they are here in the states from Germany for a few weeks. We had a great time together, chatting and catching up, and Abby just loved being a little mother to Wes. On the flip side, baby Wes was very entertained watching Abby play! We were very busy for the few days they were here. We went to the zoo, the beach and did a lot of shopping. It was a wonderful visit, although too short like always. That's ok though beacuse they will be back sometime in June....yay!!!

(Of course I didn't get any pictures of Bec, I guess we were too focused on the time!)

Wes really like the beach, more specifically, the sand. He was eating it and couldn't get it in his mouth fast enough! It was too funny and very cute, although, it was making Becca crazy!

Let's bury baby Wes!

Let's bury Abby now!!

Getting in some big sister practice.


Susan said...

Ah, I'll have to send you the picture of Andrew buried in the sand at the OBX (with special decorations by his older brother!!) Great pix of Abigail and Wes! Love, Grammy S

Amy Scofield said...

Looks like the little ones had a great time!

Kendalls said...

That was so much FUN! Can't wait to see you in a few months!!! xoxo

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