Monday, April 28, 2008

Enjoying the weather

Since we have been home from Colorado the weather has been absolutely beautiful. We have definitely been taking advantage of it over the last few days.

We went to a play date over at Tara's house. The kids had a blast in the pool splashing around and going down the water slide!

Enjoying some snacks after a dip in the pool.

Abby and Nolan searching for rocks in the water.

An ice cream cone treat

Enjoying dinner out on the patio.


Susan said...

Can't beat warm weather and ice cream! love, Grammy S

Sam and Brian said...

Love the pics!! Your dinner outside looks like lots of fun!

Jonathan, Amy & Gabriel said...

This looks like a super fun day! I wish we had some water to play in!

Kendalls said...

Glad you are enjoying the warm weather! Looks like you were busy!

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