Monday, April 07, 2008

Strawberry picking--2nd Annual

Last week we headed to Akers Farm for some strawberry picking. It was a gorgeous day, sunny and in the high 70s. We met up with Nolan, Sam, Brian, and Brian's parents and there were also some other folks there that we knew from playgroup. Of course Abby and Nolan hung out the whole time, they are like 2 peas in a pod...very cute! Anyway, we got our fair share of strawberries and the u-pick price is much better than anything we had seen in the stores. Abby spent most of her time eating rather than picking, but she enjoyed herself so that is all that matters.

2 kids on a mission for some strawberries

The first pick of the season

Its a beauty!!

Here is Abby eating away!

After we were done picking we went inside to the concession stand and let the kiddos have some ice cream with fresh strawberries. It was a yummy treat, but as you can see from their expressions I don't think they enjoyed themselves one bit ;)

Some things never change: Although bigger, stronger, smarter, and wiser....she still can't wait to taste those strawberries!!! Can you believe what a difference one short year can make?? My baby is growing up way too fast!!


Susan said...

Great Pictures - She has grown so much! Maybe we can pick some strawberries when you come to 'Boo. Love Grammy. PS Maybe the snow will be gone by then :-)

momto2boys said...

Love these pictures.... :) Soo cute!! You are strawberry pickin and I am still scarping the snow off of my windshield every is so unfair! :)

Jonathan, Amy & Gabriel said...

I love you showing the picture from last year with the one from this year! Beautiful and so sweet! Yes, they do grow up WAY too fast. :o(

Kendalls said...


Kim and Matt said...

WOW! The two pictures of Abby are great! You are right...what a difference. She looks so much like a little girl now! I bet when baby #2 comes along, she'll grow up even faster. How sad. :(

I think we might have to go strawberry pickin' here now. You guys made it look like so much fun!

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