Saturday, February 02, 2008

When in Crestucky, do as Crestuckians...

And that is exactly what we did. Sam and Brian threw a 40 0z. Friday party to celebrate Brian's return home. It was a BLAST and everyone really got into the theme of things with the food, beverages, and even the attire. Of course, Andrew donned his jorts (what could be more redneck than that?) and several of the women displayed big preggo bellies, with a cocktail in hand. The beer was in paper bags and wine was consumed from plastic cups. We played some beer pong, chatted, and listened to some honkey tonk music. It was a really fun party! Thanks Sam and Brian for opening your home to us and letting us help celebrated Brians return, we couldn't be happier for you guys!!
Squeeze cheese....YUM!!!

The dessert platter: Complete with twinkies, hoho's, moon pies and zingers.

Kypp and Neda: Notice the pregnant belly, cigarette, and bottle of Wild Turkey. Too funny!

The preggo's partying it up. (And no.... none of us are really pregnant!)

Hands off ladies....he is mine!

The Hooters girls. Abby's shirt says "Future Hooters Girl". Don't worry, it was just a litte humor for the party!

The crew later in the night


Amy Scofield said...

Oh lord!! I think that might beat the "Big Lebowsky" party they had at the trailer!!

Kendalls said...

FUN!!!!! Does it beat the wedding at the trailer park?

Josh and Laura said...

Wow. Abby looks hammered.

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