Sunday, January 27, 2008

Gambling, UFC, and JORTS!!!

Last weekend , Susan, flew down to care of Abby so that Andrew and I could enjoy some time away. While it always hard for me to leave Abby, this time seemed to be a little worse. Since she is getting older, she understands that I am leaving and she knows that I am gone. It did help to know she was in good hands. I did not let that stop me from having a good time. We headed to Biloxi to meet up with some of Andrew's friends from his time in Honduras. It was like a mini-reunion! On Friday night we headed out to the casinos in Biloxi. We hit up the Beau Rivage, where the guys gambled and the girls watched a bit and then went dancing!! The next day, a few of us headed over to the Hard Rock for a few rounds of blackjack and a nice (free) buffet! We LOVED the Hard Rock, the dealers were nice, friendly, and fun and we made some money!!! That night Brenda and Paul (our hosts for the weekend) had a UFC party. They made some ribs and we all hung out and watched the fights. The next day we headed home to see Abby!! It was a great weekend, it was nice for Andrew and I to get away and Abby enjoyed her time with Grammy. Thanks again Susan!!

Let the night begin!

Our wonderful hosts Brenda and Paul

Some of the Honduras boys
From L to R: Brian, JP, Paul, Andrew

The girls: Brenda, me, Chelsea

Matt and Andrew at the Hard Rock by the Led Zepplin drumsticks

Me and Andrew at the Hard Rock, this casino treated us well... treated Matt even better!!!

The gang during the UFC fight. The guys were sporting their jorts in true Honduran fashion!

Look at those sexy jorts!!!!

And the men who wear them :)


Josh and Laura said...

I just threw up into my mouth after seeing the jorts. have some self-respect, Captain. Calboccia.

Amy Scofield said...

Ha Ha...those are some fun fun pictures! Great legs! lol... I'm glad ya'll had a good time. It's good to get away for a bit.

Sam and Brian said...

Love the pics and so glad you had lots of fun!!! You deserve it!

Nancy said...

josh's comments are even better than the pics!!!

nancy said...

Josh's comments are even funnier than the pictures.

Nancy said...

And it's so wrong that it's right!

Kendalls said...

that looks like so much fun! glad you could go...andy is it hard to let loose in those jorts?

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