Saturday, February 02, 2008

Potty training in full swing

That's right, with a little push from Susan while we were away in Biloxi, the full-on potty training has begun. Abby has been ready for this step for a while now, and I have just been too lazy and I have kept putting it off. She has been doing #2 (for a lack of a better word, although she calls it poop-poop-achoo sometimes) in the potty for a few months now and would go pee when it happened to be convenient for both of us. Since putting on the big girl underwear, she has had a few accidents but overall she has been very good. She even went 3 times at school last week, and told the teacher herself when she needed to go to the bathroom.

Potty training at home is one thing, doing it out in public is a whole other story. The past couple of weeks I have seen the inside of some of the nastiest bathrooms I have ever laid eyes on. All I can do it grit my teeth, let Abby do her business, and wash (I mean scrub) our hands with tons of soap and the hottest water Abby can tolerate. I have also learned there are a few things that are not conducive to potty training and nap time is the biggest one. Abby doesn't seem to want to nap anymore anyhow, but now she has the power of pee-pee over me! She will stand up in her crib and yell down at me "Mommy I have to go pee-pee!" or "Mommy I don't want to do pee-pee in my trainer." So of course, up I go, and to her defense she does go potty every single time. But, naps are now a lost cause much to my dismay. Also, another thing that isn't conducive to potty training....road trips! This past week we went with Andrew to Orlando (more on that trip in posts to come). The drive is normally about 5 hours and 20 minutes but we had to stop 4 times to let Abby go to the bathroom. It added on an extra hour to our trip, but Abby did really well and kept her trainer dry for the most part. I say for the most part, because there was one time where she said she needed to go and we couldn't find an exit for a few miles and she just couldn't hold it, but it wasn't for lack of trying on her part.

Ok...enough rambling. All in all, I should have Abby potty trained by 2012 if all goes as planned. Actually, the whole process has been much less painful than I had anticipated, and next on our agenda is the move to the Big Girl Bed!

She grabbed the magazine by herself and started reading while doing her business.


The Morgans said...

yay, abby! she is such a big girl!

Amy Scofield said...

Freaking cute! We are waiting a little longer on the potty thing. No interest in that WHAT so ever. Now, the big boy bed was a breeze with Gabriel, since it was a "cool car bed". :o) Good luck on both!

Sam and Brian said...

She's so awesome!!! Well, Mom and Dad deserve some credit, too, I suppose ;) Way to go Abby!

Kendalls said...

At least she'll be up to date on all the stars and what have you! So proud of her...but sorry about the nap!

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