Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We drove to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving this year.  The drive time is about 8 hours, but that turns into about 10 with stops and the kids did a fantastic job both ways, I was so happy!  We had such a good time in Wisconsin visiting Andrew's family.  The girls spent lots of time cooking with Grampa Pete, William enjoyed exploring the house and chasing after Vinny the Cat, and Andrew and I enjoyed being around family and having help with the kiddos!  

William found Grammy's old pickle tub and was obsessed with it!

Lot's of cooking going on. 
William tried to get in on the action too.

The annual apple pie lesson!

Good thing she is wearing an apron!

Me and one my many blessings!

William's turkey and rice Thanksgiving dinner.
He did eat a lot of the table food as well, he can eat!!!

Andrew carving one of the turkey's, there were 2...
one in the over and one in the smoker, they were both delicious!

There was no "after dinner nap"
We had an after dinner dance party in the kitchen instead!

 The weather was pretty good while we were visiting so the kids were able to run off some energy at the park.

These 2 could be trouble in the future!

Playing in the leaves

We also had a little Christmas celebration.  Andrew's Aunt and Uncle and cousins spoiled the kids with some really cute new clothes, books and stuffed animals.  They were so excited and the bags were so cute!

Ok, I know I said the weather was good while we were there but that only lasted till Saturday.  I was supposed to go to the Wisconsin Badger football game with Andrew and his friend Derek but it was raining and windy and cold and I just didn't pack appropriate clothes so I wussed out and Josh went in my place.  It rained through the entire game so I would have been miserable, I was much more comfortable watching from the couch in my cozy pants!  The boys had lots of fun though!!

Derek, Andrew, Josh

I would not have been smiling like these guys!

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Susan said...

It was the best Thanksgiving ever!

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