Thursday, December 01, 2011


I know....its almost Christmas, but here is our Halloween post!  We had lots of fun on Halloween and the days leading up to it.  

Here are the girls and Andrew carving pumpkins.  I spent the whole time trying to keep William away from the pumpkins, he was obsessed!  Sadly we only had one large pumpkin because upon cutting Abby's open we discovered it was rotten, talk about nasty!  Shortly after pumpkin carving I came down with the flu that had been going around our house that I was sure I had avoided.  And Andrew left the next morning at o'dark thirty.  Let's just say I spent the next day making sure the kids didn't die, but they were allowed to eat whatever they could reach....I think they liked that Mommy was sick, cheerios and cheez-its for breakfast, yum!

William didn't get the memo that you aren't supposed to eat the pumpkins!

Abby carved most of hers all by herself!

Olivia made a happy pumpkin

Yes, those are pumpkin guts on his face

The Friday before Halloween we went to Kirkmont (Abby's old preschool) for their annual Fall Festival.  The girls had fun playing games for candy and showing off their witch and fairy costumes.

William is not happy that I had him wearing Olivia's witch hat!

Olivia's school also had a fall festival which Andrew took all the kids too because I was having my pampered chef party!  They had a cake walk and both girls brought home some delicious baked goods.

...and finally Halloween night!  Our neighborhood goes all out for Halloween so we invited some of our friends over for chili and pizza and then we all headed out to go trick or treating.  The kids had so much fun.  Abby was about 4 houses ahead of me the whole time.  Andrew stayed home with William since he had run his marathon the day before and handed out candy.  We had so much fun with all of our friends, it might have to become an Ohio tradition!

The firefighters come hand out candy

All the kids minus William and Josie who stayed home with the Dads

Olivia got a ridiculous amount of candy.  Her bucket was so heavy she couldn't carry it by the time she got back to our house!

And here is a glimpse of Abby before she was off and running!

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