Friday, October 21, 2011

Air Force 1/2 Marathon

About a month ago we ran the Air Force 1/2 marathon.  Andrew did the full last year and was going to sit this one out since he is training for the Marine Corp full and he was going to be on kid duty while Becca and I ran together.  But, unfortunately Becca got hurt and was unable to run.  She did still come out to visit and very graciously watched our kids and let Andrew run with her race #.  I was bummed she couldn't run with me, I was very much looking forward to it, but I was very grateful she let Andrew run in her place because for some reason this race got the best of me and I don't know if I would have finished if Andrew hadn't been with me.  I was good up until about 10.5 miles and then I just hit a wall.  I think I was dehydrated as my body started cramping up and I became very emotional and cold.  It was bizarre and I felt horrible.  But, Andrew was there to push me through and though I didn't do as well as I would have liked, I finished and that is enough for me at this point!  

Before the race

Nick also came out to run.

Andrew is showing off his race bib that says Becca.
A few people cheered for Becca as he ran by!

A celebratory drink later that night with our medals on.  

The boys at the post-race celebration at The Greene

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