Thursday, October 20, 2011

Abby's Birthday

Abby's birthday present from me and Andrew this year was getting her ears pierced.  She has been asking for months now and we finally decided to let her get it done on her birthday.  It worked out well because she picked Noodles for dinner.  The Noodles is at The Greene which is an outdoor shopping center with lots of shops and restaurants, and it just so happens that there is a Claire's there.  So, in between dinner and dessert at Yogurt Mountain, we stopped into Claire's and Abby was very confused and couldn't figure out why we were there since the answer to getting her ears pierced every time leading up to this had been no.  She was so excited when she realized what was happening, although it very quickly turned into a nervous excitement.  Since it was a weeknight, there was only one employee there so she had to do each ear separately, but she did really well, only crying for a minute.  

Not only did Abby get her ears pierced this year, she was also allowed to have a sleepover birthday party!  She was so excited and we had a house full girls for the entire night.  There were a few boys that came over for pizza, cake, and presents too!  I was very nervous about having all those girls staying the night, but things went very smoothly for the most part.  Only one girl ended up going home early (midnight), but it worked out because she just so happens to live right behind us and I just walked her home.  The girls had a blast and Olivia loved being part of the action too.

Olivia and Joey eating cupcakes

Opening presents

This is what Olivia ended up doing when she realized ALL the presents were for her sister!

The kiddos before the treasure hunt.

Roasting marshmallows 

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