Wednesday, July 27, 2011

OBX--part 2

We LOVED spending time at the beach.  We would wake up in the morning, have breakfast, pack up and head over to the beach.  We would stay for a few hours while the kids played in the sand and water and then we would head back to the house for lunch and naps for the little ones while the older kids swam in the pool.  Most nights we would head back to the beach after dinner for a nice little walk and some splashing in the surf.  It was perfect!!!

3 Generations of Vrabec boys!

Josh and Tyler watching the ocean

John and Bec

It was windy....William is all bundled up in Daddy's jacket

Some down time for the girls after dinner.

Playing in the sand!!

I spent a lot of time at the beach in a chair holding William.
He would look around and enjoy the fresh air and then take a nice little nap in my arms!

Our beach set up!

Digging and playing in the big hole!

William is napping again!


Susan said...

Ahhh! We need to go every year !

Jennifer B. said...

I love how you made Abby the Y in her name! I am so going to do that on the beach someday!

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