Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Currituck Beach Lighthouse

We took a drive over to the Currituck Beach Lighthouse.  Abby wanted to climb to the top, but Olivia had no desire to climb.  So, Andrew, Peter, Abby and William (in the baby bjorn) climbed to the top while the rest of us hung out down at the bottom.  I was very proud of Abby for climbing all those stairs by herself and she was very happy to get her "I climbed to the top of the lighthouse" sticker.  She was so sweet and asked the man for another sticker for her sister even though she didn't make the climb!

Lighthouse Facts:
Number of steps: 214
Height to focal plane of lens: 158 feet
Height to top of roof: 162 feet
Number of bricks: approximately one million
Thickness of wall at base: 5 feet 8 inches
Thickness of wall at parapet: 3 feet

The spiral staircase was beautiful!

Andrew, William, and Abby making their way back down.

The climbers!

Not such a good picture.
 You can hardly see Abby, mostly just her sicker but it was the only family picture we got that day so here it is, shadows and all!

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Tracy said...

We were there too back when I was in HS!

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