Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The kids loved hunting for Easter eggs and got to do it twice.  The first time at Becca's mom's house when they woke up Easter morning and the second time at Becca's Memaw's house where we went to spend the day.  Thank you Becca and family for letting us share the holiday with you all, we had a wonderful time and felt so welcome.

All the kids before the hunt.
Top:  Abigail, Brooke, Brittany, Brett
Bottom:  Hailey, Wes, Olivia

My pretty girl!

Abby and Mimi, they were inseparable all day!!

Caught Wes enjoying a chocolate doughnut!

Look what I found!

Hailey and Olivia--best buds

Looking for Easter eggs

Me and Bec

Me and my fella!

Wes and John

Becca's mom and William

All the kiddos after the 2nd egg hunt

Family photo attempt

Olivia enjoying the fruits of her labor!

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