Monday, April 25, 2011

Papi and Grammy Jane meet William

In February my Dad and Jane came to visit and to meet William.  It was so nice to have them there to help with everything.  My Dad even stayed while ZAndrew went on his first post-William TDY, and they watched all 3 kids one night while Andrew and I went out to dinner at Flemings to celebrate our 9 year anniversary!  Of course we stayed busy while they were here, we went to story time, visited the mall and build a bear, chick-fil-a, The Newport Aquarium, and went to a Dayton Gems hockey game.  Thank you both for all of your help!!
Grammy Jane and Will

Papi, Will and Abby

Papi and the grandkids!

Daddy and William before we left for our anniversary dinner.

Yay, dinner out to celebrate 9 years together!

The girls at the Newport Aquarium

Checking out the jellyfish

Playing music out on the riverwalk

Watching the hockey game.

William slept through most of his first hockey game!!!

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