Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Ice Storm--The Second Edition

Here are a few more pictures from the ice storm we had back in the beginning of February.  In my first post about the storm I mentioned that I was happy that we didn't loose power.  Well, that all changed.  At about 10:45 at night we saw a blue flash of light out our sun room window, the lights flickered, and then all was dark.  Fortunately I have a very smart husband who had cranked up our heat a few hours before and got all of our supplies ready in case of such an event.   We hunkered down for the night with lots of layers and extra blankets but even with all this, by 4 am we decided it was too cold in the house for a newborn and called the nearest Marriot to see if they had power and any more rooms left.  We were very lucky to get a room and at about 7am we braved the roads and headed for the warmth, with a stop for breakfast on the way!  The girls had fun watching tv, coloring, and swimming in the hotel pool.  After dinner we decided to call a neighbor to see if the power was back on and it was, so we headed home for the night but kept the hotel "just in case", but lucky for us we didn't!!!

You would never know there was an ice storm looking at these two bathing beauties!!!

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Susan said...

so cute! Love the hats!

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