Sunday, June 14, 2009

Orlando/Universal Studios Trip

The week before we left for Colorado Andrew of course had a TDY to Orlando. Since we knew we wouldn't be seeing him for over 2 months, the girls and I decided to tag along even though I had a million things to do to get ready for our move. The weather did not cooperate and it rained pretty much the entire time we were there. One of the days while Andrew was at work we visited the world's biggest McDonald's (which we had been to on previous trips) and we got creative and had a "tea party" in the hotel lobby. We decided to brave the weather one day and head to Universal Studios as planned and the weather held out for the most part. It was overcast and chilly at times but it didn't rain much so that was good. We did not make it the Disney Water Parks as planned due to the weather and actually headed home a day early because of all the rain. I am glad we went though, we had a good time at Universal Studios and it was good to spend some time as family!!

The results of a very rainy day cooped up in a hotel most of the day! Notice the paper airplane, those kept us entertained for all of about 5 minutes!

We surprised Abby with the trip to Universal Studios. We had free passes from our Coke Rewards Points :-)

Myself and the girls with Lucy and Ricky.

Playing on the playground

A photo with Barney after the Barney Live Show

The girls waiting for Andrew while he went on the roller coaster.

Playing Guitar Hero

Andrew and Abby by the car from Back to the Future

After we were done at Universal we went to Margaritaville for dinner. Here is Abby enjoying her virgin strawberry daquiri.

Entertainment at Margaritaville

Olivia managed to stay dry during the brief period of light rain!

Relaxing in the hotel after a long day at Universal Studios!

This is the bag of $5 popcorn Andrew HAD to have when we visited the candy shop. He said it had nostalgic value since he would always eat it as a kid. We had a little bit of it one night before we went to sleep and then next morning it was so stale we ended up throwing the entire bag away!!


Genest Family said...

Awesome pictures! Love the one showing how you spent a raining day in the hotel! LOL! Looks like a good trip, even with all the rain.


Your girls are soooo stinking cute!!!

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