Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June's Random Ramblings

  • Abby saw all the cottonwood flying around in Colorado and informed me "that is rains fuzz in Colorado...crazy!"
  • Abby has really gotten into listening to music lately. And, because she is a Daddy's girl, she has taken to listening to "rockin music". One day I was flipping through the radio stations in the van and landed on a country channel. Abby asked me to change it, "because it wasn't rockin enough and too cowboyish!"
  • The girls and I went to the furniture store to check out some couches my mom wanted to buy. After looking at a few my mom asked which ones I thought she should get. I said something along the lines of well, I like this one and it is cheaper than that other one. And Abby looked at my mom and said, "My mommy likes cheap things!"
  • Abby has been talking ALOT about how much she misses her Daddy. (Its actually very sad). But, one day I told her I missed my husband and she said who is your husband and I said Andrew. We continued to talk about husbands and we went through talking about who was who's husband. As a joke I asked her who Daddy's husband was and she said without hesitation, "Mr. Tim". (Tim is a guy that Andrew works with).

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The Scofields said...

I love the ramblings...I always think I should put things G says, but forget to.

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