Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Sam's Baby Shower

A few weeks ago we had a baby shower for Sam and her baby boys. We decided together to do an "non-traditional" family shower in the form of a BBQ. It was a lot of fun to get everyone together to eat, chat, and celebrate the upcoming birth of the twins! I feel honored that I was able to host this shower for such a wonderful family!

I had to go back on my promise of no shower games...We only played one game and it was for the guys, no less! That's right, those are bottles (with beer in them) and the one to finish the quickest was the winner. I heard quite a bit of complaining about how hard it was to actually drink from a bottle :-)

Some of the kiddos (and Bucky) having a picnic
Lily, Ella, Abby, Nolan and Brycen

The Mommy and Daddy opening gifts

The happy family of three....soon to be 5!!!!


The Scofields said...

I think I seem to remember that beer-bottle game at your shower... :o) And, they complained then, too!

Sam and Brian said...

We loved every minute, thanks for spoiling us!!!

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