Sunday, May 31, 2009

May's Random Ramblings

  • We had the unfortunate experience of seeing someone needing lifeguard attention during a recent trip to the beach. As far as we could tell he was going to be fine. Abby talked about it for days and kept asking about their "rescue packs" just like Diego has!
  • We were talking about our very fast approaching move and talking about the packers/movers coming to our house. Abby overheard Andrew and I talking and asked when The Imagination Movers would be coming to our house to help us move. (Imagination Movers is a show on Playhouse Disney).
  • We were getting ready to go to the beach for the day and Abby was talking about how she and Andrew were going to be making sand castles. I asked her what I could do and she said, "be lazy".
  • With all the last minute cleaning I was doing while our house was on the market, Abby has been helping a lot. One day I was sweeping the floors when she so lovingly pointed out that I should clean under the rug because that is where all the dirt is!
  • Abby was throwing pennies into the fountain outside of the mall and making wishes. Her first wish was that "Miss Sam's babies will be healthy", her second wish was "that people would not put trash on the ground but only in the garbage." and her third wish was to have Nolan come home so they could play together.


Bengela said...

Oh--what a sweet child to think of Sam and the babies before herself--that is so beautiful--thx for sharing w/us!!!

Sam and Brian said...

Well, I didn't know I would need a tissue for this post. Please give that beautiful girl a kiss for me and tell her how much I love her to pieces. We miss you all so so much!!

Susan said...

What a sweet girl!

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