Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Moon, moon, moon

On the way home tonight Abby asked me where the moon was. This is one of her new things, she is obsessed with the moon. She wants to see it every night and she is very disappointed when we can't see it for one reason or another. Tonight was one of those nights. I don't know if the problem was there was no moon tonight, or it was too cloudy, or I just wasn't looking in the right part of the sky...but we were unable to find the moon. When I told Abby the bad news she just shrugged and told me the moon needs new batteries. Ah, how simple the world is when you are batteries can fix just about anything!!! That little girl just makes my heart smile :)


Sam and Brian said...

That's adorable and hilarious!!! Ha ha! I am going to try that one on Nolan, when he can't find the moon he flips out. I love "Abbyims"!

Kim and Matt said...

That's hilarious!! The things that come out of the mouths of babes. Avery is obsessed with the moon too...must be a toddler thing!

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