Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Both the Columbus and Cincinnati Zoos are amazing zoos and relatively close.  The kids love going to see all the different animals and of course playing on the playgrounds.  We went a few times in March and went again May and June.  I try to scope out days that aren't going to be sweltering hot because lets face it, the zoo when its a 100 degrees is not anyone's idea of a good time (plus all the animals are asleep).  William LOVES the animals and gets so excited!!  We love the zoo!!!

Giving the manatee a kiss

On the playground

Merry go round

With Melissa and her twins!

Williams first Merry go round ride

On one of our trips the girls got ice cream before we headed home....

....William was the ice cream swiper.  Putting his hands in the cups of unsuspecting girls and helping himself!

This is from our zoo trip in the beginning of June.  We went with some good friends who just PCS'd, we will miss the Clarkes!!

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