Monday, May 21, 2012

Two Fools and a Bull

So, Andrew found this amazing restaurant online in Aruba called Two Fools and a Bull.  I must admit I was a bit apprehensive about it when he told me about it, but I figured I should give it a shot!  I was a little worried because I can be a bit picky and this restaurant has a set menu, and you don't know what will be on that set menu until you get there.  Its actually a really cool concept and they call it a gourmet studio, not a restaurant. They have one seating per night and they have sixteen seats that are situated around the cooking area (see picture below).  You are asked to arrive at 7pm and they have a cocktail meet and greet outside on the patio where you can mingle and chat with the other guests as well as the 2 guys (fools) that run the restaurant, one is the chef and the other is the maitre d type person. After the meet and greet you sit down and the service begins, its a 5 course meal and wine is paired with each course.  The food was amazing!!  It was stuff I would not normally try and the only thing I did not care for was the foie gras, my favorite thing was the shrimp  ravioli with lobster oil....yum!!!  The entire meal took about 2 hours to eat and it was more like a dinner party than eating in a restaurant.  It was so unique, the food was amazing, and the service incredible, I can't wait to go back!!!

This is the seating area centered around where they did the plating for each course.

This is the restored authentic french fire wall where all the meat was cooked.

Our menu for the night

One of the owners plating up the food.

We had an amazing should join us next time!


Susan said...

We plan on it!

Ross and Jill's Blog said...

seriously sounds like the PERFECT dining experience... we need one of those in dayton... HAHA!!

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