Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Abigail started soccer a few weeks ago and she is loving every minute of it.  It is more of a parent interaction league, where for the first 1/2 of practice they do some drills and work on soccer basics with a buddy (parent) and then the 2nd half they have a scrimmage.  Its hard to keep Olivia out of the mix, she wants to play too!

This is the first day of practice.  Abby doesn't look too thrilled here, I think she was a bit disappointed by the color of the uniforms.

A bit happier!

A few action shots.  She is actually pretty good and she got an assist in her first scrimmage, but they don't keep score at this age.

Olivia walked around saying "ball" and snacking the entire time!

Team meeting

Showing off her soccer wounds, one tough cookie!


Susan said...

Go Abby! I can't believe you are playing soccer already - you are growing up way too fast! Love, Grammy Susan

Sam said...

Love the pics, she's so adorable! Such a fun age!

The Kendall Family said...

so very cute!!! both of them!

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