Monday, November 30, 2009

November's Random Ramblings

  • Andrew and I both have our own bedtime routines for putting Abby to bed.  Andrew always tells Abby to have "sweet dreams of dancing princesses" to which she replies, "Daddy, have sweet dreams of handsome princes!"
  • Abby always tells me she knows what Olivia is saying when she is babbling because she is an expert in baby talk.
  • Abigail has become pretty good friends with some of the kids in her class.  One day we had a play date with the twins that are in her class.  After we left, she told me how much she likes her new friends but added, "don't worry, I still love my best friend Nolan even though we don't live by him anymore.  I will never forget about him!"
  • When I pick the girls up from the play room at the gym Abby will look at me and say, "Mommy I don't want to leave yet, you need to go workout some more."  She also likes to ask what I did for my workout.  After telling her what I did one day she said, "well, that really isn't that much!"  I have also had her tell me how proud she is of me which is very sweet!


Susan said...

Oh my!!!!!!!!! My love to all of you- Grammy S

Sam said...

Nolan has not forgot about her either and we have been talking about you lots these days. He misses her so much. Now I just need to put a stamp on the cards he has made her! XOXO!

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