Friday, April 10, 2009

Disney Day 6--Part 1

Day 6 of Disney found us back at Epcot. We decided after a week full of fun and adventure, we would take it slow and easy on our last day. We all agreed that we really enjoyed Epcot and we wanted to see it during the day. It was prefect because we heard earlier in the week that Epcot was the place to find see lots of princesses. So...our last day was spent checking out Epcot and going on a hunt for princesses. We were VERY successful and had a great last day!!! Here are the shots of the princesses we found....more to come on Epcot soon!!!

Abby and Mulan

Abby and Snow White

The Genie, Abby, and Princess Jasmine

Abby and Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty gave Abby a kiss.....

Abby and Belle
Abby and a freaky Mary Poppins

Abby and Alice (from Alice in Wonderland)

Alice was quite the character and told some jokes....she got a smile out of Abby!!!

Alice, Olivia and myself

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Kendalls said...

Looks like Abby didn't mind "taking it slow"! She'll always remember Disney!!

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