Thursday, February 19, 2009

Olivia is 4 months old

I can't believe it but Olivia is 4 months old today! Its crazy how quickly time has gone by. It seems like just yesterday I found out I was pregnant, but yet it seems like she has been in our lives forever! Its amazing to me how much a baby can grow, learn, and change in the first few months of life. I really enjoy this stage; Olivia is smiling all the time. She has a smile that can melt your heart. She doesn't just use her mouth but her whole face. She has begun to laugh too and I don't think there is a sweeter sound in the world than listening to Abby coo at her and Olivia squeal in response. Olivia hasn't been rolling over much in the past few weeks. I don't know if its an attitude of "ok, I can do that. Let's move on." or if its more due to the fact that when she is on her belly and she starts screaming she knows I will come to "remedy" the situation and she doesn't have to. I do think she is getting close to rolling over from her back to her belly. When she lays on her play mat on the floor she reaches up and plays with the toys that are hanging down and she really likes the little crinkly butterfly on the ground. She reaches for it and sometimes I swear that if she moved her other hand over just a bit she would flip right over. We just started putting her in her bumbo seat and she seems to enjoy sitting in it for a while. We tried a few weeks ago and she hated it! We have her well baby check-up on Monday and I am looking forward to seeing how much she weighs and how tall she is. She is my chunky monkey, but she is rather tall too! I will post her stats after her appointment.


Susan said...

Happy 4 month birthday my love!

The Scofields said...

What a beautiful little girl!! She looks so happy...I can't wait to finally meet her in a couple of weeks!

Sam and Brian said...

What a perfect picture of such a cutie pie!!!

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