Sunday, March 23, 2008

2nd Annual Easter Egg Dash

On Saturday we headed down to the base for an Easter Egg Hunt. Like I said last year, its more of an Easter Egg Dash than a hunt. They just put the eggs out on the ground, they don't really hide them, then there is a free for all to see who can get the most eggs. The eggs were filled with goodies and Abby couldn't have been happier with her loot! After the festivities we headed over to the park where Abby and Nolan played for a bit and then it was off to Destin for lunch. After lunch we hit up the Honey Baked Ham store in search of a last minute Easter ham. Much to our surprise they didn't laugh us out of the store when we told them we didn't reserve our Ham last year, and they actually had some left!! When we got home we colored Easter Eggs, it was a great day!

Waiting for the Easter Egg hunt to start

A little good luck kiss

See what I mean about the eggs not being hidden? Oh well, the kids enjoyed it anyway!

Here is Abby getting ready to dye Easter Eggs. She did really well and the mess was kept to a minimum. After the eggs had been decorated she asked Andrew what we were supposed to do with the eggs now, and Andrew told her we could eat them. Well, of course she wanted one right then, so Andrew peeled her an egg. She was very excited and took a big bite, but much to her disappointment it didn't taste like the chocolate whopper eggs she had been eating earlier! Needless, to say we still have 11 colorful hardboiled eggs in our fridge!


Susan said...

Time for egg salad! Great pictures!!! Love, grammy s

Amy Scofield said... had better luck than I did with the egg dying. Gabriel is just too impatient to sit there and dye eggs. I ended up doing all of them. Great pictures.

momto2boys said...

what cute pics!!!

Sam and Brian said...

These pictures make my heart so warm, thanks so much. LOL, that's the worst when you bite into something expecting one thing (chocolate) and it tastes totally different!

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